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Factory and construction workers, farmers, commuters, miners, students. The director captures the state of his nation, by static filming one or more people in more or less motionless poses. No narrative, just portraits

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Could you make a video about the editing. Awesome! You should do even more cultural photo shoots, I thought this was beautiful. Très bonne idée ce tag je le met dans ma liste de prochaine vidéos, merci Marie. Me: Plays this on my phone Hong Kong wants to know your location.


Utterly mediocre. Awesome screen play😍😎. Super power guy is always have the haters ! Mr Mao has killed more people by his hand than those Chinese died in the northern Korea war. The world is a nasty place!😆😝😄. Perfect.

Nice artwork🙏. Eagerly awaiting. Love it all but the way he did her color is another art of itself. Sooo... the main difference between Truffaut's politique des auteurs and Andrew Sarris's Auteur theory would be... Taken ballers season 1 dvd. Can I do this in Android. Omegalol thats the same building as the fbi operation base from Fast and furious 1. L like the Brian Portrait.

Omg I absolutely loved this 😍thank you so much

最早的一批网络电影了,有年头了. Respect and love to china! 🇨🇳 ~From germany <3 🇩🇪. I like it. In the video, I wrote down where I got the pictures from: google, baidu, and other sites, plus lots and lots of time looking for the original pictures! 75% of what you saw in the video were compiled by Me and cannot be found anywhere else. XP. <3 equitaion <3. Terrence Malick is the Rembrandt of cinema. His films will defy the ages.

Oye Brow que papel utilizastes y los lápices ayúdame xfa toma un like. Oh Im a printhess tonight Yay.


Publisher: Sean Gilman
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