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Columnist: Carlos Andres
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8,4 / 10 stars
country France
Brittany, France, 1760. Marianne is commissioned to paint the wedding portrait of reluctant bride-to-be Héloïse under the guise of a hired companion. Observing Héloïse by day and discreetly interpreting her essence by night, their intimacy blossoms as the portrait progresses towards its inevitable completion
Cast Noémie Merlant
writed by Céline Sciamma
There are few films which reach so deep, touching your very core. The ones that stay with you for a long time. The ones you want to watch again and again and again (and make you unearth your 14 year old IMDB account just to write a few words.
First time I left speechless. Haven't felt like that in the cinema in more than 15 years. Didn't see that coming, especially since a lot of critically acclaimed films in recent years left me unmoved and baffled with what the hype was about (e.g. Call Me by Your Name.
During the screening I was a bit impatient. I left with the profound feeling of sadness. Absolutely smitten with the exquisite main characters and depiction of their love. The story came to a conclusion and was complete but made me strive for more. I couldn't escape the images and feelings they incited.
Second time I was less anxious. Knowing how the story unfolds, enabled me to devour every look, gesture, movement of a brush on canvas. Made it possible to notice more, better understand the relationship with myth of the Eurydice and parallels between love, art and female subjectivity. This time I left elated and at ease. Still wanting more. I cannot wait to watch it again.
I highly recommend to see it in the cinema, because I think that a smaller screen and average audio system may not give the full experience.
Extraordinary collaboration of cast and crew. Beautiful piece reminding me what the Art in the cinema feels like.

Wow! The movie is the very definition of ART, BEAUTY AND LOVE. 💕😍. Free Stream Portrait de la jeune fille en ferme. Adele after explaining what she has been done to prepare for the role and suddenly “I dont know if you understand anything but I worked before.” Best conclusion ever! 😂😂😂. Truly beautiful film. Lisez Bourdieu les gens. (Cette actrice à l'air géniale... Free Stream Portrait de la jeune fille en fer forgé. Where can i Watch this. 3 filles encadrées par deux mecs, il n' y a pas de nanas pour cette interview.

Free Stream Portrait de la jeune fille en euros. Free Stream Portrait de la jeune fille en feu d'artifice. Beautiful film. I cannot wait to see this... Céline always has some the most painfully beautiful queer movies. A simpor love story, told through a truly challenging perspective. But damn me if it ain't the most beautiful film I've seen all year. Simply amazing.

12 million users all over the world! Filme muito bom, mas, não gostei do final. J'ai été paralysé,quand j'ai vu le Film : 😯👍👍. Portrait de la jeune fille en feu streaming free. During the whole film I was thinking why is there no musical score, this could really help. then that ending! It would not have penetrated and reverberated through my chest without the entire film being mostly scoreless. Free Stream Portrait de la jeune fille en feu rouge. So uhhhh not the point but any information on adele's jacket? I want one. thanks in advance. Thank you so much for the upload. I watch it over and over... 😍. If only I can found the love story the same feelings 🥺. This is confusing, I was not sure if Im watching a trailer, a summary, or a short-film. Reading the comments, I get the impression that its a new movie, and this is sort of a summary of it, yes.

I really feel grateful to see this movie at cinema, on the silver screen. Damn I wanna see this movie 😣. Las dos actrices principales me parecen bellí despliegue de encanto y atracción. Free Stream Portrait de la jeune fille en. This is amazing and done beautifuly. Free Stream Portrait de la jeune fille en europe. Free Stream Portrait de la jeune fille en feu vert.

Beautiful. This is a gay anthem! Period. Free Stream Portrait de la jeune fille en œuvre. Somebody said french girls are the most beautiful i see it. Streaming Online PortRait De La JeUne filLe en FeU `tv`Hindi`HBO`2018 Portrait`de`la`jeune`Live`Stream Portrait de la jeune cam Found here #pOrtraitdelaJeune.


Can someone alert me to the music used in the trailer? v famous/familiar and cant remember the name. Touchè video! I LOVED THE MOVIE <3 This song is perfect for them. Best movie of the year... wow! I am shocked. I still am.


Free Stream Portrait de la jeune fille en feu arrière. This was so beautiful and the connection they had was unfathomable, like a flame and the torch, just like the lady of the fire. Where can I watch🥺🥺🥺😭. Noemie at 6:25 is fully gazing at adele and then the way adele catches her, their chemistry is unreal. Free Stream Portrait de la jeune fille en fête.






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