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Release Year 2020 / Horror / Nicolas Pesce / 4,2 of 10 Stars / Review The Grudge is a movie starring Tara Westwood, Junko Bailey, and David Lawrence Brown. A house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death / One of the most under-rated movie in history. - Genial abuelo... This movie would've been a hit if it was released before 2005. This movie lacked freshness in terms of Horror or the Jump Scares. The acting is decent and because they stocked to the core plot and expanded it just a bit, this can be a good ending to the beginning of next part and this can be a definite Hit if it is executed well in the next part. That said the uneven screenplay and old routine jumpscares doesn't make this a good one. So, watch it if you don't mind starting your decade with an Okay-ish Film.

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The Grudge Watch free. Horrible experience. Very disappointed, should've watched IP Man 4. The grudge watch free. Entering house : Devil: Ain't funny stop this please this joke is so dry nothing funny and makes me think that someone with low intelect writing it. Well the first Grunge was set in Japan and was pretty spooky, this one looks like it will be too. Thought this one is spelled Grudge instead of Grunge but they both have those creepy people like characters in it. Watch the new grudge free online. I think this is hilarious! This is epic in my opinion. 😂. The Grudge Watch freedom.

Antlers trailer is amazing but The Invisible Man trailer gives away the entire movie #JasonTheWorldisYours.

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This movie comes out one week after Minions: The Rise of Gru, and that movie still doesn't have a trailer. What is going on. The only thing I liked in this movie is John Cho. He is so likeable and watchable. Everytime he shows up on screen, things get better and you immediately connect with him and whatever he's trying to do.
Other than that, this is a dull and unpleasent film. This franchise is known for in each movie having three different narratives all centered on the same house and at the end, all stories start to intervene together. That's what this movie does. When a movie does that right, we get a big twist reveal and payoff. But that's not the case in this movie. In the very beggining, we're told information about a couple of the different storylines and through the rest of the movie, it shows us how they play out. There's not a big twist reveal. It just shows us something that it has already told us. Because of that the movie has no tension. We just see the outcomes we already knew were going to happen.
Maybe that would've worked if the movie gave the characters compelling arcs. But instead, the movie gives the characters really depressing backstories, haunts them with ghosts and then brutally murders them. Now I understand that this is a horror movie. Obviously it's going to be very dark and it's going to have a lot of murder and death inside of it. But there's no character arcs here. There's not really any story here either. Stories have tension, back and forths, colflicts that have to be overcome and victories. Here everything starts bad and it gets worse as you go along in very unpleasent ways that are not remotely enjoyable at all.
I could forgive all of this if this worked as scary movie. But the movie doesn't work as a scary movie. The scares are just people walking down hallways, turning around and a face pops out on the screen. That's what this movie does. It's just a lot of jumpscares. It doesn't do anything new with the genre. It doesn't do anything new with the franchise. Even the kills themselves, half the time, it cuts away right as the kills are about to happen and when you do see the kills, it's just generic people getting scared and chrasing into something or they just jump of a building. Very simplistic, not interesting.
So you have a movie where you don't care about the characters, the stories they do tell are really unpleasent, there's no tension and payoff, the scares don't work and the deaths aren't cool. Put all that together and you have a dreadful movie with a very nice performance from John Cho.
3.3/10 you're not missing much and you can absolutely skip this one.

If the ghost isnt asian this movie will be a flop. The grudge watch it free. The Grudge Watch free mobile. All that I'm to do. The make up artist gets a F. Seems like some kind of blue powder was applied to her face and called it the day. The Grudge Watch free software. Isnt it supposed to be p.r.s project rising spirit not r.s.t.

Watch the new grudge free online 2020. Cant imagine what this movie would be like if she got Checkers or something. This is a nicely made and it just seems real is just my question with which computer program can this. The grudge watch online free. Kudos Omae wa SHIENDIRU. Growing through delusion from mania. The Grudge Watch. This movie is awful. It's already out here in Portugal and I watched it yesterday. It's totally derivative from the 2004 film, it even copies the messed up timeline from the original movie. It has no impact, there's not an ounce of creativity, it's not even entertaining. The characters suck, and what is John Cho doing in this? After Searching, The Exorcist and Twilight Zone, how can he star in such a bad movie? And I'm done with Lin Shaye. She gained popularity with her role in Insidious but every other movie that I've seen her in is absolutely terrible. The Grudge 2020 is a complete disaster, it's such a horrible mess. You'll find yourself gaping at the screen in horror for having spent your hard-earned money in this crap once the movie ends abruptly and the credits start rolling.

The first one came out the year I was born. That do not reply movie is the WHOLE movie I bet. I feel like “ Im not your sister Sadie” was like a big reveal scene. The Grudge was never that scary. Ju On on the other hand... The Grudge Watch free online. The Grudge camrip The Grudge download hd Watch The Grudge online at ultra fast data transfer rate Watch The Grudge movie cast.

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The Grudge Watch free download. The Grudge Watch freelance. Typically sequels are done because the audience will support it. And reboots because something can be improved. This movie offered NOTHING new, not in terms of story or of innovation. The acting was mediocre, like they knew this movie was going to be a flop. I'm baffled as to why John Cho accepted this role because he's better than this. Another thing that was really annoying was the timeline clashing with props. 2004-2006 timeline, with TVs and Cars from
The early 1980s. This made no sense. It was a mess. Don't waste your money. The grudge watch 2 for free.


21:17 me and my sister in the kitchen trying to fight over the last cookie at 3 AM. Surely Jason Reitman is above this.



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