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Cast: Emraan Hashmi Story: When the body of a powerful businesswoman disappears from the morgue, the inspector in charge hunts for the truth. But when he questions her husband he realizes that there is much more to the case than meets the eye Duration: 1 H 41 m countries: India user ratings: 7,2 of 10 writer: Oriol Paulo. Watch Full Length The body. Why does aparshakti always get the side role like some kind of advisor, he should be casted in some good role.

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4:20 “number 12” literally says “10”. The most talented but underrated actors of Bollywood: Nawazuddin, Ayushman, Rajkumar Rao, Manoj Bajpai and some others. They are 100x better than the Khans and Kapoors who sit atop the industry. Almost the end of the decade. And Im still playin this slapper. The Body is a novella written by Stephen King and published in his 1982 collection Different Seasons. Summary Gordie LaChance is a young teenager living in a small town in Maine in 1960. Gordie has had a rough family life for about a year since his older brother Dennis ("Denny") was killed in a vehicle accident in the Army. Gordie looked up to his brother, who treated him very well but his parents are still shocked by their older son's death and haven't begun to recover. Gordie's father often chides his younger son about the friends he has, suggesting they're slow-witted or feeble. Gordie's best friend, Chris Chambers, comes from a broken home with an extremely abusive alcoholic father and where the boys are expected to become delinquents like his next older brother, Billy. Gordie is hanging out with Chris and their other friend Teddy Duchamp in their treehouse in a vacant lot on a very hot, late-summer day. While they play poker, Vern Tessio  bursts in with exciting news: he informs his three friends that he has overheard his older brother Billy talking with his friend Charlie Hogan, about the location of the corpse of Ray Brower, a boy from Chamberlain, a town 40 miles or so east of Castle Rock, who has gone missing, while going out to pick blueberries with one of his mother's pails. The four friends decide that they will find it so as to be famous. They figure that Brower had lost his way along the railroad tracks and had been hit by a train. The boys make plans to tell their parents they'll be camping out behind Vern's house while they walk about 30 miles along the railroad tracks to find Brower's body. The boys set out the next morning. Along the way, they trespass at the town dump and are chased by trash-man Milo Pressman's dog "Chopper". Chopper had long been mythologized as the most feared dog in town but when they actually see the famed dog, it turns out to be an ordinary mongrel of only average size. They tease the dog and Milo through the dump's fence until Milo insults Teddy's father, who'd stormed the beaches at Normandy during World War II and had lost his mind. Some time before the story begins, Teddy's father had become enraged with Teddy for a minor accident and had held both of Teddy's ears to their hot stove, causing Teddy severe deafness. Teddy himself becomes enraged with Milo and tries to climb the fence to attack him but he's dragged off by his friends. The boys later come to a high railroad trestle. Everyone in the group is wary of crossing the bridge lest a train come along but Teddy insists they can make the crossing safely and not have to walk five miles upstream to the nearest bridge. When the boys reach the halfway point, a train comes and Vern and Gordie are forced to run for their lives, just barely making it across. Chris and Teddy seem to be more admiring of them after they were nearly killed. While at a resting point the boys cook some of the hamburger they'd bougth along the way and talk about varying subjects.  Chris predicts that Gordie will grow up to become a famous writer. Gordie regales his friends with a story he'd recently wrote about an obese boy who enters a pie-eating contest. "Lardass" Hogan, who has been picked-on his whole life for being overweight, seems to be winning the contest until, having drunk a full bottle of castor oil beforehad, vomits all over the contestant next to him. As a result, the entire line of contestants begins vomiting and the crowd follows. Gordie's friends are very impressed with his ability to invent such a detailed and entertaining story. The boys grow tired with their hike but press on, at one point walking through a powerful thunderstorm. They come across a peaceful pond and decide to go swimming. While they frolick in the water, they discover it's rife with huge leeches and spend a panicky few minutes picking them off each other. Gordie sees the biggest leech clinging to his scrotum, pulls it off and faints. His friends rush to his aid and they continue on. When they finally find the spot where the body lies, a gang of bullies led by John "Ace" Merrill arrive just after they do. The rest of the gang is composed of Vern's older brother Billy, Charlie Hogan, Chris' older brother Richard "Eyeball" Chambers, Norman "Fuzzy" Bracowicz, Jack "Jackie" Mudgett, and Vince Desjardins. The older boys are upset to see the four friends, and during an argument, Chris pulls a gun belonging to his father from his rucksack and fires into the air and then threatens Ace, the leader of the gang. Ace tries to reason with Gordie, saying Denny would see things differently. Gordie is so infuriated that he insults Ace. After a brief standoff Ace realizes that Chris is serious, and the teenagers leave. Having seen the body, the boys realize that there is nothing else to be done with it, and return home without further incident. The older boys ultimately decide to phone in the location of the body as an "anonymous tip" and it is eventually found by the authorities. Some days after the confrontation, Ace and Fuzzy break Gordie's nose and fingers and kick him in the testicles, and are on the verge of harming him more seriously when they are run off by Gordie's neighbor, Aunt Evvie Chalmers. Chris's brother breaks his arm and "leaves his face looking like a Canadian sunrise". Teddy and Vern get less severe beatings. The boys refuse to identify their assailants to the authorities, and there are no further repercussions. The narration then goes into fast-forward. It describes the next year or so briefly, stating that Teddy and Vern drift off, befriending some younger boys whom they can lord over in the treehouse. In high school, just as Chris predicted, Gordie begins taking college-preparation courses. Unexpectedly, so does Chris. In spite of abuse from his father, taunts from his classmates and distrust from teachers and school counselors, he manages to be successful with help from Gordie. The final two chapters describe the fate of Gordie's three friends, none of whom survive past young adulthood. Vern is killed in a house fire after a party. Teddy, while under the influence of alcohol, crashes his car and he and his passengers are killed. Chris, who became an outstanding high school and college student and was in his second year of law school, is stabbed to death after trying to stop an argument in a fast-food restaurant. Gordie also tells how after he'd become successful he caught a glimpse of Ace Merrill in their hometown. Ace'd become overweight and looked somewhat haggard, having shed his tough-guy persona years before. Gordon is the only survivor, continues to write stories through college, and publishes a number of them in small literary journals and men's magazines. His first novel becomes a best-seller, and a successful film. At the time of writing about the events in 1960, he has written seven novels about the supernatural. Gordon is also revealed to be a veteran of the Vietnam War and the counter-culture of the 1960s, occasonally referred to in the flash-forward narratives during the main story. References to Stephen King's works Another story from Different Seasons, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption is referenced in this story; Shawshank is described as one of Maine's state prisons. Ray Brower, the boy who went missing and the reason Gordie, Chris, Teddy, and Vern took the camping trip to Back Harlow Road, is from Chamberlain, which is the setting for the King's first novel Carrie. Carrie, which takes place over ten years later but was written eight years earlier, features a reference to a Teddy Duchamp, but he is clearly not the same person as the Teddy of the novella. Jerusalem's Lot, from the novel Salem's Lot is referenced when the boys first listen to Gordie's Lard Ass story. The novel Cujo is referenced when Gordie compares the dog Chopper to Cujo. Aunt Evvie Chalmers is a minor character in Cujo, which is set twenty years later. A Constable Bannerman is mentioned in the story. It does not appear that the constable is same Sheriff George Bannerman who appears in Cujo and The Dead Zone. Ace Merrill and Vern Tessio later appear in "Nona" a short story from the collection Skeleton Crew. Chapter nineteen includes an unnerving encounter with a Wendigo, making similar sounds to those described in Pet Sematary. Ace Merrill also appears in the last King novel set in Castle Rock, Needful Things, as Mr. Gaunt's employee. Ace remembers the happenings of The Body'. Aunt Evvie appears again in a flashback narrative told from the perspective of her niece Polly, one of the major characters in the story. Accusation of plagiarism In Lisa Rogak's unauthorized biography Haunted Heart: The Life and Times of Stephen King, a friend of King's, George McLeod, claimed that King had cribbed the idea from a short story McLeod had written, but her claims are disputed by King. McLeod requested a portion of the royalties from The Body and Stand by Me; King refused. McLeod sued, which ended their friendship. Since then, King has refused his fans’ requests to read their manuscripts for advice; King has claimed that he is concerned that there may be further accusations of plagiarism. Adaptations The story was adapted into the 1986 film Stand By Me. Trivia The novella The Body shares similarities with the Netflix series Stranger Things. It is confirmed in the book Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down that The Duffer Brothers took inspiration from The Body, along with the books Firestarter, The Dead Zone, Carrie, The Shining and It.

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Watch full length on youtube. Watch full length the body parts. Watch full length the body measurements. The lesson that my class can't even teach for a whole month. Love it No matter the act. The manuscript is interesting. Watch full length the body 2. Watch Full Length The body language. I think I got a heavy dose of second hand smoke from watching this movie, but it was good. Thanks, I need leard english. The Body Theatrical poster Directed by Oriol Paulo Starring José Coronado Belén Rueda Hugo Silva Aura Garrido Juan Pablo Shuk Cristina Plazas Oriol Vila Manel Dueso Nausicaa Bonnín Release date October 4, 2012 Running time 107 minutes Country Spain Language Spanish The Body ( Spanish: El cuerpo) is a 2012 Spanish mystery thriller film directed by Oriol Paulo, starring José Coronado, Hugo Silva and Belén Rueda. The film received an unofficial Indian remake, the Kannada - Tamil bilingual film Game in 2016. [1] It was also remade in Korean in 2018 as The Vanished. [2] The film had an official Hindi -language Indian remake titled The Body. [3] [4] An English-language remake directed by Isaac Ezban will be released in 2020. [5] Plot [ edit] Inspector Jaime Peña investigates an accident that has left night watchman Ángel Torres in a coma. Security footage reveals Ángel fleeing from his job at the morgue before being struck by a car. Peña is informed that the body of a woman, Mayka Villaverde, has disappeared from the morgue. Mayka, a middle-aged, wealthy businesswoman, was married to a younger man, and apparently suffered a heart attack following a business trip. Her widower, Álex Ulloa, hears the shocking news while with his young mistress, Carla Miller. Álex assures Carla that Mayka is dead. At the morgue, Álex tells the coroner about Mayka's medical history. Peña is convinced someone stole the body to avoid an autopsy, and is suspicious of Álex, who Peña feels too easily speaks of his wife in the past tense. Peña notes his own wife, Ruth, died 10 years ago in a car accident, and he finds he still speaks of her in the present tense. Álex hears a loud noise and discovers a busted locker. Inside, he finds a small bottle labeled TH–16, and thinks back earlier in the day, when he puts drops from the same bottle into Mayka's wine. Peña finds him and informs him that Mayka's cell phone is missing. He finds the bottle on Álex, who admits it is a toxin manufactured by Mayka's pharmaceutical company, but he claims he found it on the floor and doesn't know what it does. More and more events occur at the morgue that seem to be taunting Álex and Carla, convincing Álex that Mayka is still alive and seeking revenge for his affair and murder plot. Álex discovers Mayka hired a private investigator, as she suspected his affair, and had also heard him plotting to kill her. Álex confesses everything to Peña, first telling him he did love Mayka, having met her by chance in Avalon, California. He also met Carla by chance but fell in love with her, and confided in her his darkest secrets. He said that he thinks Mayka only pretended to drink the wine laced with TC–16, which causes a heart attack after eight hours and leaves no trace in the blood, but that she instead took a tranquilizer that made her appear dead. The police discover incriminating evidence at Álex and Mayka's house, including a map of the morgue. Ángel wakes up from his coma and reveals that after hearing a noise, he saw Mayka's body in the elevator before a figure in a balaclava fired a gun at him, sending him running into the street. Álex insists Mayka is alive and has the means to disappear and that Carla is in danger. Peña informs him they have no evidence Carla Miller exists and that the address he gave for Carla's apartment has been empty for years. While transporting Álex, the police discover a body in the woods. Álex fears it's Carla, but it's Mayka. Álex tries to escape and Peña runs after him. Álex collapses and claims he needs an ambulance. Peña tells him about the car accident that killed his wife and that she was actually murdered, as her life could have been saved if the other driver had called for help instead of fleeing the scene; Peña and his 10-year-old daughter, Eva, watched helplessly as Ruth died an hour later. He then tells Álex that only recently Eva had remembered the logo on a keychain hanging from the other car's rearview mirror: Avalon, California. It was Álex and Mayka who had fled the scene and left Ruth to die. Peña then shows Álex a photo of his daughter Eva: Carla Miller. It was Peña and Eva who had taken Mayka's body and conspired to frame him. Eva initially wasn't convinced of their guilt until Álex revealed his darkest secrets to her, including the hit-and-run. Álex, now gasping to breathe, learns that eight hours earlier, Eva had dosed him with TH–16, and his death will be explained as a heart attack brought on by stress. Cast [ edit] José Coronado as Jaime Peña Belén Rueda as Mayka Villaverde Freire Hugo Silva as Alejandro "Álex" Ulloa Marcos Aura Garrido as Carla Miller / Eva Peña Juan Pablo Shuk as Pablo Cristina Plazas as Silvia Tapia Oriol Vila  [ ES] as Mateos Nausicaa Bonnín  [ ES] as Mateos Critical reception [ edit] The film has 2 positive reviews on the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes. [6] Remakes [ edit] The film was unofficially remade into a Kannada- Tamil bilingual movie Game in 2016. [7] A Korean remake titled The Vanished was released on March 7, 2018. [8] The film is being remade in Hindi under the same title by Jeethu Joseph, in his directorial debut in Hindi, with Rishi Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi, and Sobhita Dhulipala in the lead. [9] [10] References [ edit] External links [ edit] The Body on IMDb.

Watch full length the body book. Watch Full Length The body count. Yay. Done. On the last set towards the end I forgot ho to do squats! 😂😂 Great session. Thanks Joe. Now onto a cool down session. 💪💪💪🤩💪😀. Waw song yarrr❤️❤️. Watch full length the body song. Watch Full Length The bodybuilding. It's Gonna b a hit. Nice remake Yr. In d bollywood remake, they showed the climax in the trailer, when she throws the wine in the tub🤦😒.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search The Body may refer to: Entertainment [ edit] The Body (short story), a short story by Camillo Boito The Body (novella), a novel written by Stephen King The Body (Sapir novel), a novel by Richard Sapir The Body (Kureishi novel), a novel by Hanif Kureishi Film and TV [ edit] The Body (1970 film), a documentary about the human anatomy The Body (1974 film), a film starring Zeudi Araya and Carroll Baker The Body (2001 film), a film starring Antonio Banderas based on the book by Richard Sapir The Body (2012 film), a Spanish film The Body (2018 film), a Korean film The Body (upcoming film), an upcoming Indian Hindi film "The Body" ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer), the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer " Chapter Four: The Body ", the fourth episode of the first season of Stranger Things "The Body" ( Into the Dark), an episode of the first season of Into the Dark Music [ edit] The Body (band), an American experimental metal band People [ edit] Joe Kopicki, an American NBA basketball player nicknamed "The Body" Marie McDonald, an American actress nicknamed "The Body" Elle Macpherson, an Australian supermodel nicknamed "The Body" Jesse Ventura, an American professional wrestler, actor, and politician nicknamed "The Body" Ben Wallace, an American NBA basketball player nicknamed "The Body" Website [ edit], a website for distributing HIV/AIDS information, founded in 1995 See also [ edit] Body (disambiguation).

Can Joe Biden End the HIV Epidemic? Joe Biden is a friend to the HIV community. But ending the epidemic might be out of reach for a Biden administration, despite his personal pledge to pursue it. Featured Videos Game Changers in HIV: Bryan C. Jones Bryan C. Jones is addressing the social and structural disparities that play a part in the HIV epidemic. "If we don't start having a real conversation about white privilege... we'll never get ahead of this fight. " If your work intersects with the HIV epidemic, visit TheBodyPro, TheBody's sibling site for HIV care and service providers. TheBodyPro supports the HIV workforce with accurate information, clinically relevant news and research, vital perspectives, and a personal touch.

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