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  • Star Ana Cecilia Mota
  • writer George F. Roberson
  • user Ratings 6,8 of 10
  • Countries Guatemala
  • 2018

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So. as I am watch this. I am getting some major Captain Insaneway Janeway vibes. who is prolly more of a Scifi Murphy Brown than Rita Repulsa is a Scifi Working Women character. Which at that point, I have to wonder if part of what ended up having Murphy Brown is some of her traits got absorbed into other characters who then took over as the archetype of that role. I mean, Captain Janeway set the entire Delta Quadrant on fire, Q's pants on fire (figuratively AND literally. no means no, even if you are a god like reality warper- and you don't mess with Janeway) and put the fear of the Goddess, herself, into the Time Agents (Should I claim she once said to the Time Agency, Don't swear to God, swear to me most would agree that this is fairly canon. and is still infamous in the Star Trek fandom, and put on par with Q. Though people like Q, and people hate Janeway for the same reasons. In the case of Rita Repulsa she kind of ends up gaining her own badass status as doing a bit more against the Rangers than other big bads. Mostly because the four different Sentai shows (Include Zen Sentai 2, with the three others adapted during that run) that ended up being Might Morphin, compared to other runs having only one Power Rangers run. She also tends to be the one who says I told you so the hardest. There are likely other noteworthy 90s archetypes that Murphy or Working Women is a prototype for those existing- that I could prolly think of if I took any time to consider.

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Coauthor: Dante Castro Arrasco
Resume: Dante Castro es escritor, poeta, periodista y educador. Estudió en la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú y en la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.




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